I'm shutting down my nicebit.net server and moving my mastodon account to @nicebit_net -- please follow me there, this one is going to get deleted soon. Thanks! bitcoinhackers.org/web/account

looking for a new domain name for my bitcoin-only noKYC business (that I'm still building) -- please recommend some good domain names! thanks :)

I'm vulnerable to $5 wrench attack and it bother me a lot. If I'm kidnapped and tortured, I have access to all of my bitcoin, I only need the Internet and a laptop, I can transfer all my small networth to the attacker. How do you solve this, personally?

As a project name, what sounds better to you?

I wonder how much Bitcoin is HODLed in USA compared to the rest of the world... no way to know this, right? But maybe some reasoned estimates?

Considering getting a different domain name as I fucked up my opsec... what is the best domain name in terms of it not being seizeable by the US agencies? I'm thinking .gg

Any other advice on running a pseudonymous bitcoin-only biz online? I don't see any successful examples yet on the white web, only darknet with onion addresses... selly.io looks like it's a pseudonymous business actually, there's no corporate info anywhere... other examples/ideas? Thanks.

I fucked up my opsec. There could be a point of time in the future when I'm wanted by NSA/FBI or some like that.

I have a burner phone and I installed Telegram on it, which is fine, but then I added my account on my desktop computer with no VPN... so now Telegram knows my home IP address. Fuck. How bad is this? I mean, is Telegram known for giving away their users to authorities? Should I delete the account or too late now?

What's the best privacy-oriented app for voice chats with screen sharing? Needs to support Linux. I don't mind Discord, but it hides the mouse when screen sharing, which is super annoying. Signal has no screen sharing, Telegram... I don't really trust Telegram. What else is good?

1 year ago, when we dropped below $4K, I stacked! My only regret is I wasn't stacking hard enough.

The stupidest thing you can do is sell your Bitcoin.

Don't sell your Bitcoin.

Almost a week twitter-free, I feel cleaner already :)

I just bought some drugs, so Bitcoin is guaranteed to pump now lol with my luck, I just know it's gonna happen.

Check this out, pirated vids for Bitcoin with Lightning Network, what do you guys think? bitcointalk.org/index.php?topi

I'm getting requests on Bitcoin-related development. Maybe just a coincidence -- I've only gotten 2, so not really statistically relevant, -- but I think it's a sure sign of a bull market. Feels like early summer 2017.

7/ To cut out the short term noise and better understand the actual long term implications of a debt based monetary system, you should read this by @JeffBooth.


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I want to buy some drugs, but I'm waiting for $60K

$60K tomorrow or we all ghey!

It's pretty shocking to me I can still snatch some corn below $50K -- people are so asleep still, it's amazing!

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