Check this out, pirated vids for Bitcoin with Lightning Network, what do you guys think?

@nicebit should be great for older and less popular stuff, but new and popular content is already easy to get for free via torrents

I don't know, torrentz are a pain in the ass, I wouldn't mind a subscription service with everything from netflix, amazon prime and the likes for a reasonable price where I can just search and play, with subtitles? Hell ya!

My only concern is how legal this is -- I understand the answer is not at all, so I better use it via VPN, which is a problem if I want to use it on my smart TV, right? Depends on the country, should be fine where I am, but can you get into troubles in US or Europe?

@nicebit safe to say it's not legal at all. 😅 so ya a VPN is a good idea. Some more advanced home routers support always on VPN which would solve your TV issue.

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