Considering getting a different domain name as I fucked up my opsec... what is the best domain name in terms of it not being seizeable by the US agencies? I'm thinking .gg

Any other advice on running a pseudonymous bitcoin-only biz online? I don't see any successful examples yet on the white web, only darknet with onion addresses... looks like it's a pseudonymous business actually, there's no corporate info anywhere... other examples/ideas? Thanks.


It's not a marketplace I have in mind, it has to be on the white web. But only Bitcoin, and with no KYC -- this is basically the only "illegal" part.

@nicebit For clearnet i would host server/domain in some 3rd world country where usa/eu has no influence. Payments via lightning (over tor).

Need to assume any large business will lose its TLD. You can always just get another, but the issue remains user retention. You can have an onion, i2p, crypto, and 10 backup TLD names - the best solution is along the lines of how Bisq is operated. If they lost their TLD the existing users are unaffected.

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