I wonder how much Bitcoin is HODLed in USA compared to the rest of the world... no way to know this, right? But maybe some reasoned estimates?

@nicebit While this doesn't entirely answer your question it will show you where the current buys are going in real time. You might be able to extrapolate some of the data and come up with a reasonable estimate. If nothing else its fun to watch those sats being thrown around the world.


Amazing, thanks a bunch!

As expected, a steady stream flows into USA, with just occasional drops going elsewhere. I'll probably have to move there, too :)

@nicebit Once its opened for >5 min it seems to warm up. Definitely a steady stream to the US.

@nicebit Those checks are quite the tinder pile. Then Powell lit the match with "Fed will continue to provide support for as long as needed".
Nothing to see here, nothing at all.

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