I'm vulnerable to $5 wrench attack and it bother me a lot. If I'm kidnapped and tortured, I have access to all of my bitcoin, I only need the Internet and a laptop, I can transfer all my small networth to the attacker. How do you solve this, personally?

@nicebit Step 1: Dont attract potential attackers on twitter/mastodon with posts like this, if nobody knows you own bitcoin nobody tries to steal it.
Maybe carry a gun.
Put some of your networth on a hard to access cold storage (maybe in a bank vault or burried in your backyard).
Maybe give a small amount to someone you can trust for emergency purposes (so you are not completely broke if you get robbed).
Use plausible deniability (on coldcard for example).


Multi-sig with keys dispersed geographically. That way you don’t have access to keys to move funds unless you have to go get the other keys. Yes it’s PITA for you to access your funds but that’s the point.

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