1 year ago, when we dropped below $4K, I stacked! My only regret is I wasn't stacking hard enough.

The stupidest thing you can do is sell your Bitcoin.

Don't sell your Bitcoin.

It's pretty shocking to me I can still snatch some corn below $50K -- people are so asleep still, it's amazing!

Pretty sure this was last stack under $50K -- TO THE MOON NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I mean, you see this, then you see the current price is under $50K, what do you do?

Bitcoiners: stack as hard as possible.

Nocoiners: put one thumb in their ass, other thumb in their mouth and wait for something.

Don't be surprised we think you're idiots.

The greatest and fastest wealth transfer in history is happening right before our laser eyes and into our diamond hands! HODL :)


gonna be opening some channels soon, where should I look for good peers?

This morning a new ATOMIC ROCKET pattern is forming on the daily. TO THE MOON my frens!!!!1111111

Sauna, snow, swimming in cold water followed by scotch, black coffee, meat of all sorts, handrolled tobacco and a long Bitcoin conversation with good friends. Freedom or death.

A little Mastodon-exclusive Bitcoin technical analysis: a definitive Big Dick Energy pattern is forming to end this week. TO THE MOON!!!!!!1

Why is btcd taking so long, more than a minute per block while init downloading the blockchain? I suspect it has to do with the fact I'm running it in a Docker container with the volume connected from external hard drive, but still it doesn't make sense to me, why such long times? CPU is not loaded, it's a pretty powerful desktop with 8 cores and 32Gb RAM...

Downloading blockchain is always so exciting :) Let's see how long it's gonna take on my new server...

is a tool of war.

Here's one way to use this tool:


That's it, literally, just wait it out until the central banking pedo commie reptilian system collapses. There will be bank runs -- enables the bank runs.

Bull Session

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