I'm shutting down my nicebit.net server and moving my mastodon account to @nicebit_net -- please follow me there, this one is going to get deleted soon. Thanks! bitcoinhackers.org/web/account

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I haven't tried it yet, but from what I'm hearing it seems like this could be legitimate Web 3.0 built as Layer 3 on Bitcoin over Lightning Network. Decentralized twitter would be great, but make it better than Mastodon this time! :)


Truly free networks mean illegal porn and drugs and stuff. Like dark web and fediverse, no way around it.


DeBanked is pretty good imho

I also like Kaos, may play around with it...


looking for a new domain name for my bitcoin-only noKYC business (that I'm still building) -- please recommend some good domain names! thanks :)


what would that look like as a domain name, bitohoney.com ? this sounds good? I'm just looking for a new domain name, any good ideas are appreciated!

I'm vulnerable to $5 wrench attack and it bother me a lot. If I'm kidnapped and tortured, I have access to all of my bitcoin, I only need the Internet and a laptop, I can transfer all my small networth to the attacker. How do you solve this, personally?


such bullshit, she didn't say anything bad, just truth and concern

As a project name, what sounds better to you?


Conflict is good, as long as it's confined to intellectual space :)


It's not a marketplace I have in mind, it has to be on the white web. But only Bitcoin, and with no KYC -- this is basically the only "illegal" part.

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Yeah, I could be wrong for sure, I'm not a huge expert in this. I am betting all my net worth on this though :) if I'm wrong, I'm proper fucked.

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Yes, I think you are right.

I'm dismissing this theoretical possibility because I find it highly improbable, but it is a possibility I guess... I can't quite see how exactly, but I can wholeheartedly agree with the point that any sort of centralization is ALWAYS worse than decentralization.

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Yeah, this is likely to happen I guess... they can hardfork and promote their fork as the real bitcoin while making the old "bad" bitcoin illegal... maybe, maybe. I don't know if ETFs has anything to do with that though... it might be helpful for the attackers to accumulate as much btc as possible...

Food for thought for sure.

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