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I bought the dip today again -- I'm feeling the same I did in December at $19K, it's like the volleyball under water ready to be released and jump high into the sky... I totally expect $100K by April.

Check out this very personal and beautifully written post by @BitcoinUltras -- this gave me goosebumps.

I'm a simple pleb, I see laser eyes, Bitcoin in bio and not shitcoinery, I follow -- we need to connect for what's coming.

Pretty sure this was last stack under $50K -- TO THE MOON NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I mean, you see this, then you see the current price is under $50K, what do you do?

Bitcoiners: stack as hard as possible.

Nocoiners: put one thumb in their ass, other thumb in their mouth and wait for something.

Don't be surprised we think you're idiots.

The greatest and fastest wealth transfer in history is happening right before our laser eyes and into our diamond hands! HODL :)

What's the best free windows antivirus? Trying Kasperski now, but maybe there's something better? It's not for me, I haven't used windows in a long time... please recommend what you're using. Thanks!

Bought the fucking dip! I didn't think I could score any corn below $50K :)

Carnivore / keto frens, what do you think about diet coke and other zero-calory no-sugar drinks? I drink them for the caffeine and taste, but not so sure about health effects anymore...

“Market forces, not political majorities, will compel societies to reconfigure themselves in ways that public opinion will neither comprehend nor welcome. As they do, the naïve view that history is what people wish it to be will prove wildly misleading.”
-- The Sovereign Individual

The dip caused by the old lady in America's legacy financial institution was a bunch of paper hands selling into me and my buddies with laser eyes and 💎 🙌

Thanks Yellen.

Like seriously wtf, I miss for 30 minutes and instead of buying the dip I'm now back at $53.5? Shit, I'm so unlucky with this, I can't ever time the market fml

Anyone's using JoinMarket Yield Generator? I will appreciate any info, how safe is it, how illegal is it, how much money you make (from personal experience please) etc.

Just bought the dip at $56,278! Sorry boys, you're not getting these Ƀ0.028 -- they are off the table :) Good night, sweet dreams, let's see some $10K green dildos next week!

So if you wanted to live off your you could just lend like 30 BTC at today's price levels for 6% annual, that would be around $100K USD...

Any other ideas? Anyone's using Lightning Pool? It seems like the best, native option, and no KYC / taxes. Plus, by leasing LN liquidity you're helping the Lightning Network, I would love to do that. Anyone has experience with this?

gonna be opening some channels soon, where should I look for good peers?

I bought at $58.5K and of course the price drops to like $55K in 30 minutes after FML lol

Frens, who's lending Bitcoin for interest? Please share your strategies and what I should read about it, I'm looking to start making some interest on my hodlings.

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